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Moscow: IAS financial statement

 Moscow: IAS financial statement





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An entity shall disclose information that [one] enables users of its financial statements to evaluate [two] the entityís objectives, policies and processes for managing capital.

To [three] comply with paragraph 134, the entity discloses [four] the following:
(a) qualitative information about its objectives, [five] policies and processes for managing capital, including:
(i) a description [six] of what it manages as capital;
(ii) when an entity [seven] is subject to externally imposed capital requirements,
the [eight] nature of those requirements and how those requirements [nine] are incorporated into the management of capital; and
(iii) how [ten] it is meeting its objectives for managing [one] capital.
(b) summary quantitative data about what [two] it manages as capital. Some entities regard [three] some financial liabilities (eg some forms [four] of subordinated debt) as part of capital. Other entities [five] regard capital as excluding some components of equity [six] (eg components arising from cash flow hedges).
(c) [seven] any changes in (a) and (b) from the previous period.
(d) [eight] whether during the period it complied with [nine] any externally imposed capital requirements to which [ten] it is subject.
(e) when the entity has [one] not complied with such externally imposed [two] capital requirements, the consequences of such non-compliance.
The entity [three] bases these disclosures on the information provided internally [four] to key management personnel.

An entity may manage [five] capital in a number of ways and be subject to a number [six] of different capital requirements. For example, a conglomerate may [seven] include entities that undertake insurance activities [eight] and banking activities and those entities may operate [nine] in several jurisdictions. When an aggregate disclosure of capital [ten] requirements and how capital is managed would [one] not provide useful information or distorts a financial [two] statement userís understanding of an entityís capital resources, [three] the entity shall disclose separate information for each [four] capital requirement to which the entity is subject. [five]

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Moscow: IAS financial statement


IAS financial statement in Moscow

Chapter: Moscow IAS financial statement

Moscow: IAS financial statement


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