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Moscow: IAS financial reporting

 Moscow: IAS financial reporting





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Information to be presented either in the statement of financial position or in the notes

An entity shall disclose, either in the statement [one] of financial position or in the notes, further subclassifications of the line [two] items presented, classified in a manner appropriate to the entity’s [three] operations.

The detail provided in subclassifications depends on the requirements [four] of IFRSs and on the size, nature and function of the amounts involved. [five] An entity also uses the factors set out in paragraph [six] 58 to decide the basis of subclassification. The disclosures vary [seven] for each item, for example:
(a) items of property, plant [eight] and equipment are disaggregated into classes in accordance with [nine] IAS 16;
(b) receivables are disaggregated into amounts [ten] receivable from trade customers, receivables from related parties, [one] prepayments and other amounts;
(c) inventories are disaggregated, [two] in accordance with IAS 2 Inventories, into classifications [three] such as merchandise, production supplies, materials, work [four] in progress and finished goods;
(d) provisions are disaggregated [five] into provisions for employee benefits and other items; and
(e) [six] equity capital and reserves are disaggregated into various [seven] classes, such as paid-in capital, share premium [eight] and reserves.

An entity shall disclose the following, either [nine] in the statement of financial position or the statement of changes in equity, [ten] or in the notes:
(a) for each class of share capital:
(i) the number [one] of shares authorised;
(ii) the number of shares issued and fully [two] paid, and issued but not fully paid;
(iii) par [three] value per share, or that the shares have [four] no par value;
(iv) a reconciliation of the number of shares [five] outstanding at the beginning and at the end of the period;
(v) the rights, preferences [six] and restrictions attaching to that class including restrictions [seven] on the distribution of dividends and the repayment of capital;
(vi) shares in the entity [eight] held by the entity or by its subsidiaries or associates; and
(vii) [nine] shares reserved for issue under options and contracts [ten] for the sale of shares, including terms and amounts; and
(b) [one] a description of the nature and purpose of each reserve within [two] equity.

An entity without share capital, such [three] as a partnership or trust, shall disclose information equivalent [four] to that required by paragraph 79(a), showing changes [five] during the period in each category of equity interest, [six] and the rights, preferences and restrictions attaching to each category [seven] of equity interest.

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Moscow: IAS financial reporting


IAS financial reporting in Moscow

Chapter: Moscow IAS financial reporting

Moscow: IAS financial reporting


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