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Actually Accounting system currently used in Russia differs from internationally accepted system of accounting principles. Within the last few years the increased number of international companies operating in Russia provoked demand for accounting professionals who have been trained and skilled in the field of international accounting standards. But the complexity and time-to-time changes in Russian tax legislation makes accounting operations difficult and time-consuming for even the most experienced accountants.

According to official data, one out of every four employers in Russia is charged for a tax-related payroll error, which can lead to additional penalties. To insure accurate payroll processing and reporting we offer to delegate these responsibilities to the Executer Company. Outsourcing back office functions allows companies to reduce management time spent on non-core functions and allows to focus on key strategies, resulting in cost reduction.

Our team includes certified chartered accountants with deep experience in finance and accounting. We offer experienced and innovative solutions for every stage of the F & A outsourcing lifecycle.

Our in-house lawyer is aware of the various legislative changes that affect the sphere of payroll processing. All the staff receive regular legal updates, all accountants attend seminars and are aware of any major legislative amendments.

These are our standard service offerings.

•   Payroll Processing

•   Payroll Tax Filing

•   Reports (on quarterly and yearly basis) and Pay Statements to Tax authorities, Pension Fund etc.

•   General Ledger Interface

•   Workers' Compensation Premium Management

•   Compensation payments Management

•   HR record-keeping Management

Outsourcing payroll ensures that all your wages information is kept confidential. We use special protection standards to secure your business, financial, and personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This commitment of quality is evident in our payroll services. We insure professional liability to cover any potential penalties. Clients' pay-rolls are delivered by our own courier to the point stated by the Customer.

Leman Group guarantees personal attention and flexible financial policy to every Customer.


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Tax Accounting in Moscow


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