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We have successful experience in filling vacancies of local professionals for representative offices and companies with foreign investments.

Methods of search, selection and assessment of candidates depend on the task set by the client and include such components as direct search, search through Leman database, advertising of the vacancy in the mass media, interviewing candidates, testing through the Assessment center (if requested by the Client), reference checking, etc.

Fee rate for services is based on the yearly gross salary of a hired candidate. The fee range depends on a specification of the requirements for the position level and customer company additional requirements.

•   Middle level personnel Staffing services:
The standard fee for staffing services concerning middle level personnel usually is equal 20% of annual gross salary of a hired candidate.

•   Top level personnel Staffing services:
The fee for executive search services concerning top level personnel starts from 20% of annual gross salary of a hired candidate and can be higher if hunting is necessary.

•   Temporary Staffing services:
The fee for one month of temporary staffing or one month of temp-to-hire services or outsourcing services for different kind of personnel (Russian residents, 2013) is 85,5% plus monthly gross salary of the employee. The price includes: gross salary stated by the Customer, accumulated annual leave compensation payments, obligatory taxes concerning salary payments and annual leave compensation, Social Foundation professional risk tax, obligatory state and local taxes and fees, necessary administrative expenses including banking, accounting - payroll processing and record-keeping operation costs, preparing tax declarations for an employee, labour risks.


LEMAN offers full payroll processing services per pay period (bi-monthly).

Our general pricing structure and the standard rate for payroll services depends on the quality of work involved and a number of additional factors. Each quote we receive is thoroughly analyzed and studied, and then an assessment is made based on factors like quantity of work to be processed and the complexity involved in it. So, the price is determined, also taking into consideration the turn around time stipulated by the client. We offer highly competitive and affordable payroll rates/prices quotes for our services. Prices for services based on actual Tax Code and Labour Code requirements and other regulation norms could be changed in case of changing or up-dating some points of actual legislation.

We provide hardware and accounting software program including necessary up-dating, one permanent skilled accountant and one back-up accountant to collect and prepare all necessary primary bookkeeping papers concerning daily activity of the Customer, to provide accurate payroll processing and to prepare necessary Tax Reports according to the Russian Civil Law, Tax Code and Accounting Standards.

Our basic prices are:

•   Payroll services for 1-10 employees - 130 Euro (fixed amount).

•   Payroll services for 11-50 employees - 11.5 Euro per person for 11th – 50th person. For example, payroll services for 50 employees cost: 130 + 11,5*40 = 590 Euro.

•   Payroll services for 51-100 employees - 10.5 Euro per person for 51th – 100th person. For example, payroll services for 100 employees cost: 590 + 10.5*50 = 1115 Euro.

•   Payroll services for 101-200 employees - 9.5 Euro per person for 101th – 200th person. For example, payroll services for 200 employees cost: 1115 + 9.5*100 = 2065 Euro.

•   Payroll services for > 200 employees - regressive scale is applied.

•   For preparing of quarterly and yearly Reports to Social, Medical, Pension Foundaions etc. regressive scale is applied as well.


HR outsourcing is a strategic tool that relieves businesses from HR responsibilities and enables them to focus on what they do best. In addition allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities, outsourcing provides some key benefits, including providing you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR, helping you reduce and manage operating costs, keeping the personal data secured and helping to reduce risk of exposing confidential information (private matters of contract agreements, bonuses and benefits etc.) to unauthorized personnel, keeping and improving employee relations.

Prices for services depends on actual working time necessary to complete all actual HR operations, monthly number of working hours of a high skilled consultant to be approved by a Customer responsible person.

•   HR record-keeping services for 1-20 working hours per month - 240 Euro per month (fixed monthly amount).

•   HR record-keeping services for 21-40 working hours per month - 12 Euro per additional hour. For example, 30 working hours cost: 240 + 12*10 = 360 Euro.

•   HR record-keeping services for > 40 working hours per month - regressive scale is applied.

LEMAN HR record-keeping operations include:

- Filling in, maintaining and modifying of personal files and database of employees;

- Preparing of corporate orders - issuing and filling in;

- Preparing and keeping of HR orders, registration books, labor books, labor journal, labor contracts and amendments;

- Providing all paper work operations concerning record-keeping (working with applications, staff transactions, vacations, reprimands/encouragement, resignation etc., personal records, filling in of T-2 cards in accordance with Russian Labour Code and regulations);

- Preparing of all necessary papers for payroll processing on monthly base: work time records, sick-leaves lists, maternity leaves, vacation schedule, bonuses, compensations, preparing of all required statutory reports, documentation and personal files;

- Providing of all necessary papers for new employees: job description, labour contract, nondisclosure Agreement, and other polices and procedures;

- Preparing of all primary papers according to company's demands, polices and procedures of company, and Russian Labour legislation as well;

- Inspection all papers are kept up to date;

- Checking all time sheets every month, which are prepared by responsible for this employees;

- Operations with references.


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    Moscow : Prices for staffing and accounting services


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Moscow : Prices for staffing and accounting services


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