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Our working experience in Russia persuades, that the country is sufficiently rich in human capital. There are about thousand higher educational institutions here. Actually for the company starting up a business in Russia there is no need to search for non-resident individuals to complete the staff. There are a lot of high-educated, qualified, western trained and English (French, German, Japanese etc.) speaking professionals.

Leman Group provides excellent search and staffing services to international businesses located in Russia. Depending on the Customer's choice, our typical service offerings are:

Moscow executive placement servicesExecutive Placement
Moscow recruitment agenciesDirect Hire
Moscow payroll servicesTemporary placement
Moscow payroll servicesTemp-to-Hire
Moscow payroll servicesPayrolling

We focus on filling corporate top and support positions, especially in following areas: Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Advertising, Executive & General Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Sales & Business Development, Supply Chain & Logistics.

Our company provides its recruitment services in various ways in order to give our clients maximum flexibility. Our goal is to create a customized solution to meet specific client needs.

The Placement Division selects and offers the right candidates for your placement needs. Our recruiting process is multilateral, we interview all our candidates by phone, on-line and face-to-face, using wide range of traditional and innovative testing systems, taking into account the local mentality specifics. Our team is dedicated to recruiting the candidate that makes the best fit.

We have developed a personal referral database that enables us to make optimal matches because we have a superior source of candidates. Whether you require assistance with one position or many, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver quality.

Our experience indicates that many successful candidates are not proactively looking for a career move. To overcome this difficulty, our practice is to collect information on individuals who potentially meet further position specification.


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