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Is it easy to find an English-speaking high-skilled employee in Moscow?

Generally it's quite possible to find the right person. But it depends on profession and position. Nowadays Russian young people study foreign languages (mainly English) actively, so workforce market of local English-speaking professionals is sufficiently developed.

Having found the right candidate employer would like to "try out" this person for some time without direct labour contract, how to manage it?

A "Temp-to-Hire" position is one, in which the company's intention is to fill the position on a permanent basis while having an opportunity to evaluate an employee before making an offer of employment. The Temp-to-Hire program allows the Customer to "try out" the candidate before making him a regular employee on the staff. The Customer and the candidate have the flexibility of getting to know each other better before a final hiring decision is made, reducing the risk to both parties. The Customer concludes a contract with services provider and pays monthly bill rate for leasing an employee. If an offer of employment is made, the Customer receives an invoice for hiring fee.

What purposes does "leasing of personnel" serve?

Companies in a wide range of industries use the personnel leasing services to do the following: to avoid regulatory hazards by signing direct employee contract, to retain valuable employees facing mandatory retirement, to eliminate unwieldy paperwork and bookkeeping in support of project contractors, freelance, or seasonal workers, to reduce management time spent on non-core functions and to focus on key strategies, resulting in cost reduction, to staff-up within budget constraints.

A Representative office already has the candidate for temporary project. Is it possible to put this candidate to the services provider's staff for several months?

Yes, that way is normal. Actually in such cases a client has the ability to payroll individuals identified through their own search efforts. The Executive company will agree to put the employee on the payroll for some periods of time and at a lower mark up rate. As usual there is no buy out fee.

What kinds of papers and reports on salary processing are to be presented to the Tax authorities?

After salary processing the following papers should be prepared for bookkeeping needs: payroll sheet, separate pay list for each employee. Report on Unified Social Tax and report to Pension Fund should be presented to Funds on quarterly and yearly basis, report on Income on yearly basis.

The Company has several subsidiaries in some regions of Russia. What are the advantages of outsourcing pay-roll processing for the Company and these offices?

Outsourcing allows a Company and subsidiaries to reduce management time spent on non-core functions, make cost reduction. Besides, outsourcing of payroll processing ensures that all wages information is kept confidential (both for Company employees and for third parties).


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