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Leman Group will determine a profile of the personal characteristics of successful people within your company. We can develop a position specification based upon our discussions with you. This will include the title, essential responsibilities, reporting relationships, special challenges, compensation, education, and experience required to meet your desired performance criteria. This position description will serve as a guide in determining whom we will contact and present to you during the course of our search.

We look for individuals who has demonstrated patterns of accomplishment and success in positions that closely match your requirements, contact these candidates, as well as those listed in our database and selected using other confidential files on a direct inquiry basis. This process is designed to yield a pool of qualified candidates who are compared and evaluated competitively against each other. We conduct in-depth interviews with the candidates to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments, capabilities, and potential. The final individuals are to be qualified for this position will be presented to you for your consideration. Clients always make the final decision on candidates to hire.

Our goal with most positions is to have an accepted offer from a candidate within 45 days of initiating the search, and 75% of our placements are filled within that timeframe. It is the exception that a successful search exceeds 90 days.

Our standard guarantee with all placements is three months from the start date. Should the candidate fail to maintain employment with your company for the duration of the guarantee, we will replace them with a more suitable candidate at no charge. We offer extended guarantees of up to one year on some placements.


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Moscow : Executive Placement services


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