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Part 1  >  Section 5  >  Chapter 14. TAX CONTROL

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ARTICLE 82.   General Provisions on Tax Control

1. As tax control shall be deemed [one] the activities of the authorised bodies involving the exercise of control [two] over observance by taxpayers, tax agents and payers of fees [three] of the legislation on taxes and fees in the procedure established by this [four] Code.

Tax control shall be exercised [five] by tax officials within their scope of competence [six] by conducting tax audits, obtaining explanations from taxpayers, [seven] tax agents and payers of fees, verifying accounting [eight] and reporting data, examining premises and territories used [nine] for generating income (profit), as well as in other forms [ten] provided for in this Code. Specifics of exercising tax [one] control, when implementing agreements on production sharing, [two] shall be determined by Chapter 26.4 of this [three] Code.

2. Abolished

3. The tax bodies, [four] the customs agencies, the agencies of the governmental extra-budgetary funds [five] and the internal affairs bodies shall inform one [six] another in the order, defined by the agreements between them, [seven] about the available materials on breaches of the legislation on taxes [eight] and fees and tax offences, about measures taken [nine] to thwart them, about the tax checks carried [ten] out by them, and also exchange with each other [one] necessary information with the aim of fulfilling their [two] tasks.

4. In the exercise of tax control no [three] allowance shall be made for the collection, storage, [four] use and spread of information about a taxpayer (payer [five] of fees or tax agent), received in violation of the provisions [six] of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the present Code, the federal [seven] laws, and also in contravention of the principle of preserving information [eight] that constitutes a professional secret of other persons, [nine] in particular a legal secret or an audit secret.

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Feature conception:

Thus it appears, in what various ways Nature has taught man her first great lesson of love and union.

Nor did she give the same talents either in kind or in degree to all, evidently meaning that the inequality of her gifts should be ultimately equalized by a reciprocal interchange of good offices and mutual assistance.

Thus, in different countries, she has caused different commodities to be produced, that expediency itself might introduce commercial intercourse.

Desiderius Erasmus

The Complaint of Peace


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