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Part 3  >  Section 6  >  Chapter 21. WAGES

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ARTICLE 137.   Limitations on the deductions from wages

Deductions from the employee's wages can be made [one] only in cases stipulated by the present Code or other [two] federal laws.

Deductions from the employee's wages to repay [three] his debt to the employer can be made:

[four] to compensate the advance payment which was paid [five] to the employee on account of a salary but which was not [six] worked off;

to pay off the advance [seven] payment which was paid as a business trip [eight] or relocation allowance and was not spent or returned [nine] in time, as well as in other cases;

to return [ten] the sums excessively paid to the employee due to calculation [one] errors as well as the sums excessively paid to the employee [two] in case of admitting the employee's guilt in breaking labour [three] regulations by the body for considering individual labour disputes [four] (Article 155, part III ) or for idle [five] time. (Article 157, part III);

[six] at the dismissal of the employee before the end of the working year [seven] on account of which he has already received [eight] the annual paid leave, for the days of the leave which [nine] have not been worked out. Deductions [ten] for these days are not made if the employee [one] is dismissed on the grounds stipulated in Article 81, [two] point 1, 2; point 3a and in point [three] 4;

Article 83, points 1, [four] 2, 5, 6 and 7 of the present Code. [five]

In cases stipulated by paragraphs two, three, [six] and four of part two of this Article the employer [seven] has the right to take a decision to deduct from the employee's [eight] payment not later than a month after [nine] the date defined for an advance payment return, payment [ten] of the debt or incorrectly calculated payment and on condition that [one] the employee does not dispute the reasons and amounts [two] of the deductions.

Wages excessively paid to the employee (including [three] the cases when laws or other standard legal [four] acts were used incorrectly) cannot be [five] charged except for the cases:

of a calculation error;

[six] if the body for considering individual labour disputes admits [seven] the employee's guilt in non-fulfillment of labour rates (Article [eight] 155, part III) or in idle time (Article [nine] 157 part III);

if wages were [ten] excessively paid to the employee in connection with his [one] illegal actions, defined by the court.

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Feature conception:

Thus it appears, in what various ways Nature has taught man her first great lesson of love and union.

Nor did she give the same talents either in kind or in degree to all, evidently meaning that the inequality of her gifts should be ultimately equalized by a reciprocal interchange of good offices and mutual assistance.

Thus, in different countries, she has caused different commodities to be produced, that expediency itself might introduce commercial intercourse.

Desiderius Erasmus

The Complaint of Peace


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