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Part 3  >  Section 3  >  Chapter 11. CONCLUSION OF THE LABOR CONTRACT

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ARTICLE 63.   Age at which conclusion of the labor contract is permitted

It shall be permitted to conclude labor [one] contract with persons attaining the age of sixteen.

In [two] cases of completing the basic general education or leaving [three] the general educational establishment in accordance with the federal [four] law, persons shall be entitled to conclude [five] labor contracts at attaining the age of fifteen.

With consent [six] of one parent (guardian, custodian) and a patronage body [seven] a labor contract can be concluded with [eight] a student attaining the age of fourteen for performing light [nine] work out of school hours which shall not [ten] be harmful to his/her health and not detrimental [one] to the study process.

In movie industry organizations, theaters, [two] theatrical and concert organizations, circuses it shall [three] be permitted, with consent of one parent [four] (guardian, custodian) and a patronage body, to conclude labor [five] contracts with persons ubder the age of fourteen [six] for participating in creation and/or performance of art works [seven] without any harm to their health and moral [eight] development.

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Feature conception:

Thus it appears, in what various ways Nature has taught man her first great lesson of love and union.

Nor did she give the same talents either in kind or in degree to all, evidently meaning that the inequality of her gifts should be ultimately equalized by a reciprocal interchange of good offices and mutual assistance.

Thus, in different countries, she has caused different commodities to be produced, that expediency itself might introduce commercial intercourse.

Desiderius Erasmus

The Complaint of Peace


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