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Part 4  >  Section 12  >  Chapter 47. SPECIAL PROCEDURES FOR SHIFT WORKERS

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ARTICLE 302.   Guarantees and compensation payments to shift workers

Instead of daily allowance shift workers are [one] paid additionally for working in shifts for each day [two] in shift as well as each day of trip from the office [three] of employer (people collection point) to the place of work [four] and back in amounts under the procedure set by the Government [five] of Russian Federation.

Employees going for working in shifts [six] to the far north and equivalent regions from other areas:

have [seven] a regional additional salary rates and rated increase [eight] to their wages paid in the amounts and procedure foreseen [nine] for the people permanently working in the far north and equivalent [ten] regions;

are granted annual additional paid leave [one] of absence in the procedure and under conditions foreseen for the people [two] permanently working in the abovementioned areas:

in the far north [three] regions - 24 calendar days;

in the areas [four] equivalent to the far north regions - 16 calendar [five] days;

The work record giving the right [six] to receive privileges and compensation payments includes calendar [seven] days of work in the far north and equivalent regions [eight] and actual time of trip provided by shift schedules. [nine]

For the employees going in shift to the regions on which [ten] territory regional rates to wages are applied [one] these rates are calculated in accordance with [two] laws and other statutory acts of the Russian Federation.

The [three] shift worker is paid daily wage [four] rate for days of trips from the employer's office (people [five] collection point) to the place of shift as well as for delays [six] due to weather conditions or transportation organizations faults. [seven]

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Feature conception:

Thus it appears, in what various ways Nature has taught man her first great lesson of love and union.

Nor did she give the same talents either in kind or in degree to all, evidently meaning that the inequality of her gifts should be ultimately equalized by a reciprocal interchange of good offices and mutual assistance.

Thus, in different countries, she has caused different commodities to be produced, that expediency itself might introduce commercial intercourse.

Desiderius Erasmus

The Complaint of Peace


Head hunters : Moscow


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