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Leman Group was established in 1999 to meet the demand of clients in the legal community. Today we provide executive and management level staffing services to various industries including Accounting, Finance, IT, Telecommunications, Hi-Tech, Construction and Manufacturing.

Our Moscow office, specialized on Russia & CIS market, is managed by well educated team who deliver high quality staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions to the Customers. All our managers have wide experience of operating on local market.

We have built our company on the core values of trust, hardworking and excellence, and provide world class staffing, accounting and outsourcing results.

Personal attention and flexible financial policy have been guaranted to every Client; our primary goal is to meet your expectations. Considered Tax policy on the Russian market allows us to offer the high quality of services and essentially attractive prices for the services provided.

Having outsourced back office functions the Client Company reduces management time spent on non-core functions and allows to focus on key strategies, resulting in cost reduction. We provide 100% confidentiality of the Customer information on wages and benefits level of employees towards internal and external third parties.

Over the years of experience, we love what we do and have partnered with the Customers across a wide range of industries and matched them with the best candidates.

Transparency, high quality and flexibility are the major benefits for our Clients and we always take all the necessary actions to meet their standards and requirements.


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Moscow Human Resources agencies


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